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The key air vehicle and propulsion systems technologies selected for incorporation are depicted in Fig. 1. This paper focuses on the evolutionary path followed to develop these technologies. The final F-35 aircraft subsystems [35], propulsion [36], and mission systems [37], as well as the SDD program, are discussed in greater detail in supporting publications. Each of the items featured in Fig. 1 represents a significant aircraft capability enhancement that added to the overall success of the F-35 configuration. Successes in the associated development programs for these led to their incorporation into the F-35 design baseline entering the SDD program.
Fig. 1 Advanced technologies selected for F-35 air vehicle and propulsion systems incorporation.
The various development projects that evolved into the systems configurations used in the F-35 spanned the 1990s during the period preceding the winner of the JSF competition. Figure 2 provides key development milestones leading to the incorporation of selected technologies into the F-35 program.
The J/IST integrated subsystems development occurred in parallel with the Concept Development Program (CDP). Interestingly, in it the various JSF competitors cooperated in a collaborative environment, sharing all results and data. This allowed the risk reduction activities associated with the integrated vehicle systems to be pursued without the need to encumber the Concept Demonstrator Aircraft (CDA) aircraft schedule, and enabled the final results and lessons learned to be incorporated into the F-35 at the outset of the SDD program.
During the same period, numerous IRAD and CRAD studies evaluating potential propulsion innovations continued. As with the J/IST results, several of these were incorporated into the F-35 after the SDD contract award. Significant technical risks associated with the diverter-less supersonic inlet (DSI) and LO axisymmetric nozzle, and STOVL propulsion system configurations were retired in parallel with the CDA work, culminating in flight demonstrations showing the maturity and efficacy of the concepts. As an example, dual-redundancy features of the STOVL exhaust nozzle were developed in parallel with the CDA program and incorporated during SDD.
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