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Machine learning is evolving quickly now that engineers have the microprocessor needed to create systems that better understand inputs from sensors like video cameras, Radar, and LIDAR, making it possible to add new safety functions like automatic ground maneuver and even parking assist.
VI Conclusion
This paper presented arguments supporting the idea that the piston-engine aircraft industry is on the verge of a major transformational process driven by the introduction of electric propulsion, supplemented by advances in over-the-air connected intelligent technologies, changing the concept of small aircraft designed for pilots, to a new age where airplanes are devoted to passengers comfort and safety. Everything working as anticipated, the industry may have this new product available for consumers by 2025, giving the small aircraft market a new breath of life so needed to return to sales levels experimented in the past. Despite the anticipated bright future, obstacles are standing in General Aviation way, as all those amazing new technologies have yet to prove their value for aviation application.
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