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3. Cost of Maintenance. The cost of maintaining a STIG (Other than Fuel) was found to be marginally higher than for a comparable combined cycle. The difference is not significant and would be reduced by the lower specific cost of the Turbo-STIG which would lead to lower specific cost of replacement parts and labor.
4.Surge Margin. The topping compressor of the Turbo-STIG eliminates this problem.
Conclusions of the Revised Comparison
The Turbo-STIG cycle potentially could eliminate all the disadvantages of ordinary STIGs found in the EPRI-JCP&L study (8).
One advantage of Turbo-STIG not yet mentioned is the more simple system compared to a combined cycle. Items in a combined cycle not required in a STIG include the major portion of a steam turbine, condenser, cooling tower, boiler bypass stack and starting cranking device. The Turbo-STIG in-stead requires a small steam turbine and a topping compressor. The STIG demineralizer and steam injection system are larger than in a combined cycle, but they are needed by both plants. It is an axiom that reliability is an inverse exponential function of the number of components in a system. The fewer components in a Turbo-STIG plant compared to a combined cycle will be reflected in higher
The turbocharged STIG accepts all the steam raised by heat recovery without losing surge margin and without major modifications of the standard gas turbine.
The Turbo is superior to other fully-injected STIG systems because:
1) it requires less engine modification 2) inherent matching to the quantity of
injected steam from full to zero.
The lower capital cost of the Turbo-STIG and its equal heat rate relative to its combined cycle competitor would result in a lower cost of power from the Turbo-STIG.
Other advantages of STIGs relative to combined cycles identified in reference 8 apply equally to the Turbo-STIG, suggesting that in circumstances of normal water availability Turbo-STIG power plants would be superior to combined cycles on many counts .
The water consumption of the Turbo-STIG can be reduced significantly with minor cost and performance penalties. This ability may make the Turbo-STIG the preferred power plant for base load in arid areas, by a wide margin.
If this writers predictions are substantiated, the Turbo-STIG may be preferred for all gas or distillate oil fired mid and base load power plants.
The Data in table I have been discussed with all of the listed engine manufacturers. The manufacturers have neither disagreed with, nor endorsed, the performance calculated for their turbines in the Turbo- STIG configuration.
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