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Cannabis Concentrates
Overview and Policy Considerations
Summary and Policy Recommendations
Issue: As state and local governments seek to regulate the cannabis industry, several common misconceptions have led to policy makers either banning or placing undue restrictions on the means and methods of making cannabis concentrates and extracts.
Policy Recommendations:
Allow for cannabis processing utilizing long-existing safety standards from other industries: With proper health and safety standards, techniques used to process cannabis concentrates are fundamentally safe. Volatile solvent techniques have been utilized to make household items like perfume, vanilla extract, and decaffeinated coffee for generations.
Allow the sale of cannabis concentrates to reduce size of illegal markets: Failure to permit and allow for cannabis processing, including with the use volatile solvents, will drive a massive underground market. Demand for cannabis concentrates is very high and will continue to grow. Limits in regulated cannabis concentrate supply can cause legal prices to skyrocket while illegal markets can find alternative sources more fluidly.
A wide variety of products and processing methods should be allowed: Many cannabis products and processing methods exist in the cannabis market today. With the growth of the cannabis industry, there have been many advances in product processing techniques. Allowing for innovative products and processing techniques to enter the market not only promotes the responsible growth of the cannabis industry but also is helpful with the development of safer and more consistently dosed products.
Laws and regulations should be reasonably tailored and flexible: The legal cannabis market is still in its early stages of development and continues to evolve rapidly. Particularly in cannabis processing, where new products and technology are emerging. Accordingly, policy should allow new technologies to enter and enable regulators to adjust density and operation of cannabis businesses to quickly respond to spikes in illegal market usage.
Processing of cannabis concentrates is a critical part of the cannabis industry both in terms of medical need and meeting consumer demands. Not only do many patients and consumers prefer to use cannabis concentrates over cannabis flower, concentrates can also be processed into a wide variety of products, like capsules, skin creams, and edibles that are essential for certain medical uses. Standardized processing procedures also allow for consistent dosing in cannabis products, which is crucial for both recreational and medical users.
News reports of cannabis processing often depict in-home operations using flammable solvents in an unsafe and uncontrolled manner, resulting in explosions, exposure to chemicals, and other outcomes that put public safety at risk. These methods are not utilized in a regulated industry with professional
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