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Wintrend® Management
Process Automation
Easy management
Whatever the size of the plant, the various processes used in winterising are easy to manage today, thanks to the rational approach offered by computers and programmable logic controllers.
Reduction of risks
Automation serves various purposes, among which we would like to mention the reduction of risks attributable to human mistakes, the obtention of a better and constant quality, superior yields, reduced consumptions and a higher degree of safety.
Any framework of any network
The framework of automation networks – to which it is easy to add other digital systems – is so flexible that numerous solutions exist, for both new and old plants. These networks do meet the requirements of all the processes used today.
Centralised Supervision
Permanent follow up
Centralised supervision is the most efficient tool to permanently follow production.
Overall view
The method, using selected softwares, continually offers an overall view of the ongoing activities and of their historical account.
• Analogic reports
• Reports on variables
• Preventive maintenance reports
• Production reports: flowrates, quality controls, etc
Easy to analyze, these reports are the undeniable witness of the complete activity of a process.
No data unattented
Central supervision is the ultimate management tool that leaves no data unattented.
For more information on Wintrend® technology for your specific process, contact your local Desmet Ballestra office!
Science behind Technology

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