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What’s the Big Idea?
STEAM: Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math Workshop Lesson Plan for Middle School Students 2017–2018 School Year
Creative Problem Solving and Experimentation
STEAM Tour and Workshop Purpose:
Students will use art in the High’s collection as evidence of creative problem solving and determine from the objects how artists create innovative solutions to complex problems.
Essential Questions:
Use the following guiding questions as you lead your students through the workshop:
• What can we learn from the artistic process to become creative problem solvers in the twenty-first
• How is an artist similar to a designer, explorer, or scientist?
• How do artists experiment with materials and processes?
Students will ...
• Make connections between how artists use creative problem solving
• Use creative problem-solving techniques to create their own art
• Work collaboratively with peers
• Explore connections between scientific concepts and art-making processes
1. Introduction: Teaching Artists will begin by welcoming students to the paint and color science lab. During this one-hour workshop, students will experiment with various painting processes and materials. Artists, including many whose work is on view at the High Museum, often think like scientists. They conduct experiments with materials and processes to push the boundaries of art making and discover new ways of creating.
During this workshop, students will move from station to station to experience firsthand how artists experiment to find creative solutions.
The Teaching Artist will introduce different artists in the High’s collection to highlight the variety of ways that artists use paint and color. Questions for reflection as a group: How are these artists creative problem solvers? In what ways might these artists have experimented? [[include image credits]]

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